It’s Winter here, well it’s winter in SL the one place you can have fun in the snow and not freeze your buns off. 🙂 Also It’s time for the Second Annual Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt (December 1st, 2009- January 2nd, 2010).

So to celebrate both the holidays and the hunt I’ve snapped out of my rut and have made a the “Snowball Fun Set”

You can find snowball throwers all over the grid this time of year, but getting a good photo of snowball fun is always a pain, plus as any photographer will tell you, You need the ball in the shot.

So with that in mind I have made this set of 6 snowball fun poses where the pose ball becomes the snowball. Some you are throwing the ball and in some you are getting hit by someone snowball.

There are 4 pose balls you can set out and 2 wearable poseballs as well as a wearable snowball prop.

To get these poses all you have to do is stop by the diner and look for the globe, while you are at it make sure to hit the other 365 content creators participating in this great hunt.

To see a list of everyone in this hunt check out the Peace on Earth Blog as well as their Flickr Group and the Opium Fashion Agency blog to see the hunt gifts.

Happy Hunting 🙂

POE2 poster