Well Pose Fair gave me a good enough kick to get off of some other projects and non projects (well spending times with friends and hanging out is a project right?) and get to work on some new poses for the event. Pose Fair 2010

I have 3 new couples poses up at the booth, so please stop by and check them out as part of the sales go toward the Motivation charity.

First up there is “DOCKSIDE MOMENT”

A tender moment for a couple to be shared dockside or anywhere she can sit and he can kneel. I thought it was a nice change for some of my couples poses, since the last few had not been very tender, well they left me tender in places doing the shoots for them. The set is copy and mod for adjustments.


I guess I had a thing for docks this time, which if you need one it is Liz’s Fairhaven Dock. I’m sure they are for sale some where at Thistle 🙂 The more and more I worked on this one I started making up a little story for the couple, which is a fun thing. For my story, he was a lifeguard off to a rough night time rescue and she stood watch. (hence the ‘hoff reference in the title) Maybe it would also work on a rooftop and a cape. That story is up to you 🙂

The third set is called “RUN…WITH ME!”

One hundred percent of the sales of this pose set will go to the Motivation charity during Pose Fair.

This pose set works both with sexes so plan for lots of photos of you and your girlfriend or boyfriend running through flowers or the surf or some dark deserted alley hahaha 😉

I also have 25 new single poses out for the fair also but I’m still working on the photos for those so stay tuned.

Please come on out to Pose Fair and look around and pick up some poses and help out a worthy charity.