Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that [Lyndz-Matic] is participating in the Halloween Hunt for Autism It’s a grid wide hunt featuring over 40 shops of different kinds, from clothes and houses to poses. 😉

Check out the link for the starting SLURL, where you buy the trick or treat bag and start from there.

Now I bet you’re wondering… “Lyndz’ what awesome gift are you giving as part of the hunt?” Well I’m glad that you asked. In the “hidden” cauldron I have the [Lyndz-Matic ] Jack O’ Lantern a wearable photo prop with 6 poses.

Just wear the pumpkin (it attaches to the right hand) and you go into the default carry pose. Touch it again and you get a menu to select the other poses:

  • Waiting for Candy (stand)
  • Ready for the Hunt (stand)
  • Run for It! (running pose)
  • In a Twirl (fun pose)
  • Loot Check (sitting pose)
  • sLoot Check (sitting pose for smaller avatars)
  • Default (for walking about

As an extra there is also a walk override in the handle so you can have a fun walk as you go trick or treating.

Hope you all enjoy it 🙂