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YAY! The Pro Poser Hunt starts tonight at Midnight SLT (July 15th) and runs through August 5th.

Yours truly is stop #9 on the circular route. For all of the hunters I have another one of my photo props with menu driven poses.

Lots of Flirty Silly Fun for when the photos are being taken of you. πŸ˜‰

[Look for other poses you can drop into the camera soon πŸ™‚ ]

I also have a pose ball set to go along with the camera called “Work It! … for the Camera”. A his and hers set with the woman in charge. Be your own Michelangelo Antonioni and have a fabulous Blow Up session.

Hope you all enjoy the new poses and Happy Hunting!



I hope everyone takes a few minutes and heads over to the Operation Squeegee events that are going on from July 1st – 15th. Operation Squeegee is a Second Life fundraiser for the National Wildlife Federation. This is to help recovery from the ongoing oil-spill in the gulf coast ecosystem. Read more about Operation Squeegee on their blog

Numerous merchants have put out items for sale to help raise money for the event.

I have two items out at the event. My beach ball photo prop, a wearable ball (attaches to the right hand) with 7 different menu driven poses. A great addition for your summer beach photos. The poses range from fun and flirty to a few pin up poses. You can get the ball for 100L$ (Copy Mod No Trans) with 100% of the sales going to Operation Squeegee

As an added bonus if you are a member of my subscriber group (you can join at either the main store or the shop in the swamp on Elliott) I have sent out an additional set of 4 poses that you can drop into the ball for more pose options. Now don’t worry if you haven’t joined yet, once you have joined the group, go to the main store and touch the box under the subscriber to get the poses.

Also at the event is a large beach ball with two sit poses in it, sit on it and switch between poses by using the shift and left-right arrows. There is a flirty tease pose and a stretching plank pose for those times you want to work on those flat SL abs πŸ˜‰
The large beach ball is 50L$ (Copy Mod No Trans) with 100% of the sales going to Operation Squeegee.

Pose Fair

Yay! that’s right, there finally is a Pose Fair for all of us Pose, Animation and AO junkies πŸ™‚

Pose Fair runs from April 2nd through April So be sure to stop by and try out all the new poses. Here is the landmark to the fair

Pose Fair is supporting Motivation – a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support. You can find more information about Motivation here ->


All things must change… that is a universal constant, even in a virtual world.

On or near August 19 Thistle Homes: Prefab Cottages in Avendale will be relocating to it’s main location on it’s own sim of Thistle.

I know you are saying Thistle? Isn’t your main shop there already? Yes, yes it is and that won’t change a bit, so you can keep a hold of those landmarks.

But Thistle was where I first started selling the Lyndz-Matic Flaming Toast Launcher and then after I started making poses for a few of her things Liz was nice enough to let me have the top floor of the firehouse to set up shop and that was how it all started. So this place will always be my business home.

I’m sad to see it go, but I know I can sit in my chair at the diner and look across the square and see a larger new Thistle and remember.

I know I need to do some giveaway to memorialize this occasion but not sure yet, so stay tuned and if you get the chance pop over to Avendale and have a look around before it becomes history.



The other day I was invited to open a shop at the new Starlust sim Elliot. After taking the tour with Melatonin Hax, I picked out a little place in the XO swamp. I think it is a pretty nice little spot though I do need to cancel the cleaning service and let the diner get a little (a lot) dirtier so that it will fit into the place. [hahah]





So head out and muck about in the swap and stop by [Lyndz-Matic]

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