Haven’t really been up to much lately, I’ve been in a little (ok long) creative slump, BUT I did want to let you know of one thing that I have worked on.

My partner Liz Gealach has a build up at Burning life called Soul Evolution and I did the animations for it. Liz had asked for something joyful and leapy without the bounds of gravity. So I made up five little animations for her.

Please stop buy Soul Evolutions and check out the build (Up til November 1) it really is a lot of fun and a nice place to sit and think.

From the notecard:

Soul Evolution
by Liz Gealach

This creation or area to reflect is a 3D interpretation of reincarnation and the evolution of my soul.

I believe that each person must use their time on earth to learn or enlighten their soul. Once we move on we have a brief time to reflect and gain awareness of what we learned so we can then in turn use that knowledge in our next lifetime. “Soul Evolution” is a reflection of that time we have between lives … a time we can see the knowledge we have gained and share it with other souls.

Please come inside and walk through time. Reflect on what your soul has learned and what it may be learning right now. Sit on a small colored disc to rejoice in your souls evolution. Hope, Forgiveness, Generosity, and Compassion are all journey’s of learning our soul must take to truly understand and experience the ultimate knowledge of LOVE.


SLurl:Soul Evolution – Rabbithole Burning Life

Share the Love πŸ™‚



Well after some hemming and hawing, I finally have an update group set up. (Thanks to the people in the Starlust group for mentioning the Subscriber Kiosk in one of the chatter blasts πŸ™‚ see sometimes good things come from unexpected sources.)

Any who I have the kiosks set up at both the main store in Thistle and the diner in the swamp so you can stop by either and join the group; though once I start sending out notices you’ll have to swing by the main store to pick up any you missed. πŸ™‚ Right now there are no notices but as soon as I get this latest batch of poses done I’ll be sending out notices and maybe a pose or two every now and then.

So pop on over and click Subscribe (unless you think Join might be a better button name… hrmmmm ) the kiosk is just in side the door next to the signs for my Flickr group and the Pro Poser group, which you should also join to keep up with all the happenings in the pose community.


While both the Pro poser and 2nd Annual Starlust Panty Raids are going on I’m also offering a new pose set for sale at the Main shop. For a limited time you can purchase the 6 pose ” I’m Dreaming of Sunshine” set for 50L$. Individual poses are also available for 30L$, so it’s a bargain at twice the price. So while you are out pose hunting take a look at the booth by the front door and pick up “I’m Dreaming of Sunshine”

Well I’m a little late with this but there is still time for you to drop by [Lyndz-Matic] in Thistle and get in on the Pro Poser Hunt. There are 41 shops participating with poses for the guys and gals. You can read about the hunt at the Pro Posers website. (and get hints for the hunt at the Hunt Locations blog πŸ˜‰ not that you need any for mine, I thought I’d go easy on you all since this was my first hunt.)

As the gift from [Lyndz-matic] I have two two person pose sets. Fashion Takedown and Wipeout. These are static fight poses, with our heroine kicking some butt while looking stylish.

Fashion Takedown

Fashion Wipeout

So head on out on the Pro Poser Hunt start at the beginning or start from stop #27 and pick up my gift first.

It’s the 2nd annual Starlust Panty Raid starting today Friday August 14- Sunday August 30.

I knew I wasn’t even gonna try making panties, so I made some poses to go with with all the panties that you can find by looking for golden clams! There’s no starting point you can start where ever so why not head over to [Lyndz-Matic] on Elliot and start finding clams.

Here’s three poses inspired by panty raid hijinks for all.

There’s always that one person, you know the one, who doesn’t want you to look at them in their knickers. Sure, she are wearing more cloth than when we were all down at the beach last weekend. But for some reason an underwire makes a difference.


Now I’m not saying you need to be drunk to run around in your panties but there is always someone falling into some water in their underwear.


and no matter how much fun you’re having running around in your panties, it’s not real fun until you’re running from that angry homeowner (who’s pool your drunk friend just fell into) in you’re underwear through every front yard in the street.


So head over to [Lyndz-Matic] at Elliot and start clam hunting. Those are wily mollusks but they didn’t wander too far away from the shop and there are some other ones around to keep them company.


All things must change… that is a universal constant, even in a virtual world.

On or near August 19 Thistle Homes: Prefab Cottages in Avendale will be relocating to it’s main location on it’s own sim of Thistle.

I know you are saying Thistle? Isn’t your main shop there already? Yes, yes it is and that won’t change a bit, so you can keep a hold of those landmarks.

But Thistle was where I first started selling the Lyndz-Matic Flaming Toast Launcher and then after I started making poses for a few of her things Liz was nice enough to let me have the top floor of the firehouse to set up shop and that was how it all started. So this place will always be my business home.

I’m sad to see it go, but I know I can sit in my chair at the diner and look across the square and see a larger new Thistle and remember.

I know I need to do some giveaway to memorialize this occasion but not sure yet, so stay tuned and if you get the chance pop over to Avendale and have a look around before it becomes history.



You’ve finally had enough.

He’s been coming late every night. Each time it’s some lame excuse

“Oh babe, you know the guys and I were just out watching Snickz7* terraform that sim and I forgot the whole SLT-EDT time thing…”

You even wanted to believe him in the beginning, but you started noticing the new clothes, [he never goes shopping with you], the new dance moves [he’s stopped using dance balls?] but then… you found those prim lashes on his collar. That was it… IT WAS OVER… it was time to Rumble.


Lyndz-Matic offers up the new static two person pose set, “Rumble”, as a way to work out your pent up aggression and get some good photos while doing it.

The pose is Copy/Mod/ No Trans and available at both the mainstore and swamp locations.

More coming soon…

* any resemblance to any avatar living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. I didn’t search the names after I made that one up


Along with the opening of the new location I’m releasing some new poses, just at the shop at Elliot. They are a series of 13 stands and two sits, they range from silly to sexy. A good mix for your photo and blogging needs.

The poses are available individually in booth #1 so try them all out. They are also available in two sets with a Zhao II AO. People had been saying they wished I sold the poses in an AO so I have started including them in the new sets. I have also put one in the Fun Set (available at all locations as well as in Thistle at Sway’s Village)



The other day I was invited to open a shop at the new Starlust sim Elliot. After taking the tour with Melatonin Hax, I picked out a little place in the XO swamp. I think it is a pretty nice little spot though I do need to cancel the cleaning service and let the diner get a little (a lot) dirtier so that it will fit into the place. [hahah]





So head out and muck about in the swap and stop by [Lyndz-Matic]

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