We all have loose Ends that we want buried, but they don’t stay that way, for long… Just in time for all your spooky Halloween fun, Lyndz-Matic has released a new all original mesh photo prop.

This photo prop holds one or two people and has six synched poses, three left and three right, per spot.  The poses are menu driven and swapable, so perfect for you and an alt. Menus are powered by [zeD] MPS system  so you can choose poses, make adjustments, control access, turn off and on camera placement and expressions all from the.menu

The prop is copy mod and a low land impact number of 2.

Stop by Lyndz-Matic and try the demo set up just outside the shop doors, just look for the shovel.

Also available on the Marketplace


Pose Fair 2013 Part 2

Remember these are Out EXCLUSIVELY at POSE FAIR 2013 until April 14th

I really have been busy making poses and to show that I have 4 new couples poses two that are Boy+Girl, a Girl+Girl and one  fun one that can be Anybody 🙂


Superior C0njunction




Good Wordk



I also have an older Girl Girl Pose up  at the Pose Fair



They are out exclusively at  Pose Fair 2013 Until APRIL 14th

WOW it has been a long time Since I have done this… so let me knock the dust off this thing and tell you that I have been busy.

I have new poses out EXCLUSIVELY at Pose Fair 2013. Running now through April 14th.

All Poses are also available individually… just hop on the appropriate booth and Pick out the one you want.

7 Laying.reclining Poses

7 Standing Poses

12 Poses with a good mix of standing and laying poses with a bit of silliness

I’ve also Boxed up  some older Poses and have them out as a set I call


18 Poses for relaxing and sitting around


I’ve also made some Couples Poses But I will show them to you in the next Post

Check them out soon at Pose Fair 2013 now through  April 14th

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that [Lyndz-Matic] is participating in the Halloween Hunt for Autism It’s a grid wide hunt featuring over 40 shops of different kinds, from clothes and houses to poses. 😉

Check out the link for the starting SLURL, where you buy the trick or treat bag and start from there.

Now I bet you’re wondering… “Lyndz’ what awesome gift are you giving as part of the hunt?” Well I’m glad that you asked. In the “hidden” cauldron I have the [Lyndz-Matic ] Jack O’ Lantern a wearable photo prop with 6 poses.

Just wear the pumpkin (it attaches to the right hand) and you go into the default carry pose. Touch it again and you get a menu to select the other poses:

  • Waiting for Candy (stand)
  • Ready for the Hunt (stand)
  • Run for It! (running pose)
  • In a Twirl (fun pose)
  • Loot Check (sitting pose)
  • sLoot Check (sitting pose for smaller avatars)
  • Default (for walking about

As an extra there is also a walk override in the handle so you can have a fun walk as you go trick or treating.

Hope you all enjoy it 🙂

YAY! The Pro Poser Hunt starts tonight at Midnight SLT (July 15th) and runs through August 5th.

Yours truly is stop #9 on the circular route. For all of the hunters I have another one of my photo props with menu driven poses.

Lots of Flirty Silly Fun for when the photos are being taken of you. 😉

[Look for other poses you can drop into the camera soon 🙂 ]

I also have a pose ball set to go along with the camera called “Work It! … for the Camera”. A his and hers set with the woman in charge. Be your own Michelangelo Antonioni and have a fabulous Blow Up session.

Hope you all enjoy the new poses and Happy Hunting!


I hope everyone takes a few minutes and heads over to the Operation Squeegee events that are going on from July 1st – 15th. Operation Squeegee is a Second Life fundraiser for the National Wildlife Federation. This is to help recovery from the ongoing oil-spill in the gulf coast ecosystem. Read more about Operation Squeegee on their blog http://operationsqueegee.blogspot.com/

Numerous merchants have put out items for sale to help raise money for the event.

I have two items out at the event. My beach ball photo prop, a wearable ball (attaches to the right hand) with 7 different menu driven poses. A great addition for your summer beach photos. The poses range from fun and flirty to a few pin up poses. You can get the ball for 100L$ (Copy Mod No Trans) with 100% of the sales going to Operation Squeegee

As an added bonus if you are a member of my subscriber group (you can join at either the main store or the shop in the swamp on Elliott) I have sent out an additional set of 4 poses that you can drop into the ball for more pose options. Now don’t worry if you haven’t joined yet, once you have joined the group, go to the main store and touch the box under the subscriber to get the poses.

Also at the event is a large beach ball with two sit poses in it, sit on it and switch between poses by using the shift and left-right arrows. There is a flirty tease pose and a stretching plank pose for those times you want to work on those flat SL abs 😉
The large beach ball is 50L$ (Copy Mod No Trans) with 100% of the sales going to Operation Squeegee.

Well Pose Fair gave me a good enough kick to get off of some other projects and non projects (well spending times with friends and hanging out is a project right?) and get to work on some new poses for the event. Pose Fair 2010

I have 3 new couples poses up at the booth, so please stop by and check them out as part of the sales go toward the Motivation charity.

First up there is “DOCKSIDE MOMENT”

A tender moment for a couple to be shared dockside or anywhere she can sit and he can kneel. I thought it was a nice change for some of my couples poses, since the last few had not been very tender, well they left me tender in places doing the shoots for them. The set is copy and mod for adjustments.


I guess I had a thing for docks this time, which if you need one it is Liz’s Fairhaven Dock. I’m sure they are for sale some where at Thistle 🙂 The more and more I worked on this one I started making up a little story for the couple, which is a fun thing. For my story, he was a lifeguard off to a rough night time rescue and she stood watch. (hence the ‘hoff reference in the title) Maybe it would also work on a rooftop and a cape. That story is up to you 🙂

The third set is called “RUN…WITH ME!”

One hundred percent of the sales of this pose set will go to the Motivation charity during Pose Fair.

This pose set works both with sexes so plan for lots of photos of you and your girlfriend or boyfriend running through flowers or the surf or some dark deserted alley hahaha 😉

I also have 25 new single poses out for the fair also but I’m still working on the photos for those so stay tuned.

Please come on out to Pose Fair and look around and pick up some poses and help out a worthy charity.

Pose Fair

Yay! that’s right, there finally is a Pose Fair for all of us Pose, Animation and AO junkies 🙂

Pose Fair runs from April 2nd through April So be sure to stop by and try out all the new poses. Here is the landmark to the fair

Pose Fair is supporting Motivation – a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support. You can find more information about Motivation here -> http://www.motivation.org.uk/

HI everyone,

By now you have all heard about the massive earthquakes and aftershocks that have devastated the capital city of Port au Prince in Haiti and have left upwards to 100,000 dead and many many more in need. Like many people in SL I’m looking to help raise money to help those in need.

So I’ve made two special editions of my toaster with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross*.

I’ve put out two vendors at the main store in Thistle as well as setting them up in the Skybox in Scribble where numerous other creators have put out numerous items with the proceeds going to the Red Cross.

While you’re at the skybox, also check out the Abode Relief for Haiti Hope Chest, I made one of the poses (sitting on top) for Aya Liotta’s great chest. It is a great addition to any home 🙂

Thanks and Please do what you can to help.

*The donations will be sent to an avatar (RedCrossDonations Guardian) created by OMGWTF Barbecue for this purpose; with it all being documented and posted to plurk, flickr and on her blog.

It’s Winter here, well it’s winter in SL the one place you can have fun in the snow and not freeze your buns off. 🙂 Also It’s time for the Second Annual Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt (December 1st, 2009- January 2nd, 2010).

So to celebrate both the holidays and the hunt I’ve snapped out of my rut and have made a the “Snowball Fun Set”

You can find snowball throwers all over the grid this time of year, but getting a good photo of snowball fun is always a pain, plus as any photographer will tell you, You need the ball in the shot.

So with that in mind I have made this set of 6 snowball fun poses where the pose ball becomes the snowball. Some you are throwing the ball and in some you are getting hit by someone snowball.

There are 4 pose balls you can set out and 2 wearable poseballs as well as a wearable snowball prop.

To get these poses all you have to do is stop by the diner and look for the globe, while you are at it make sure to hit the other 365 content creators participating in this great hunt.

To see a list of everyone in this hunt check out the Peace on Earth Blog as well as their Flickr Group and the Opium Fashion Agency blog to see the hunt gifts.

Happy Hunting 🙂
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